“Seven Scenes Seven Sins” was conceived as a site-specific immersive installation for Noite Branca de Braga 2014. Playing on the heavily rooted religious tradition of the city, Moradavaga implanted seven cabins (inspired by the confessional booth’s scale and concept) on the loggia of the former Archbishop’s Palace, now home to the University of Minho’s Rectorate, on Largo do Paço in the heart of Braga’s historical city centre. The interiors of these small cabins, representing seven compartments of a common contemporary home, were transformed in representations of the seven deadly sins as soon as the people who entered closed the door behind them: Hall/Envy, Kitchen/Gluttony, Bathroom/Pride, Closet/Lust, Gym/Wrath, Garden/Sloth and Storage/Greed. By using a simple system of UV lighting combined with a special invisible ink, the installation provided an immersive and interactive experience for those who entered each “confessional” and a voyeuristic “peepshow” for those who watched through the peephole from the outside. The whole ensemble was able to create and confer a highly scenographic effect to an otherwise empty space (underused and with a semi-abandoned feel to it) and attract thousands of people for the event’s duration.

Project Type: Installation
Location: Braga, Portugal
Date: 13 of September 2014
Collaboration: Rossana Ribeiro, Sofia Morais (Illustration)
Partner: Cavaco & Coquet, Lda
Support: Fundação Bracara Augusta

Thanks to:
Anabela Cavaco & Miguel Coquet, Pedro Durães Leite, Diogo Paradinha, Fernando & Alcinda Cadima, Luís & Pedro Oliveira, Carlos Manuel Santos Jesus & Manuel Oliveira, Maria Francisca Xavier & Cândida Marcelino, the University of Minho Rectorate's security team and, from the event’s organization team, Sara Borges, Maria João Silva, Hugo Carvalho
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