Le Coq Festif is an ephemeral interactive installation produced for Putrica - Urban Arts Festival included in 2014's edition of Sebastianas, the popular summer festivities of Freamunde, in northern Portugal. Working as a kind of urban "folly" it's inspired by the iconic "capão", a special kind of castrated rooster characteristic of Freamunde, and it uses the mechanisms of a standard bicycle as the "user interface". As one spins the crank, the wheel starts spinning and the "capão's" several hearts attached to it start moving in a spiralling effect.

Project Type: Installation
Location: Freamunde, Portugal
Date: 9th-13th July 2014
Collaboration: Rossana Ribeiro

Thanks to:
Sérgio Rio Tinto (Nas Calmas bike shop), Gil Magalhães, Frederico Soares Campos, Sara Ribeiro and all the Putrica's team

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