SANDMAN was Moradavaga’s proposal for “Hotel Shabby Shabby”, an open call to select 20 temporary hotel rooms (with a material budget of 250,00 €/each) to distribute around the city of Mannheim during the festival "Theater der Welt 2014" between the 23rd of May and the 8th of June 2014.

The main ideia of the project was to create a place made from stories which would guide us into a dreamy state of mind. We wanted to create a pool of good night stories, collected randomly from people in different places, different times, and with different ages and let them play permanently through a sound system in our room “Sandman”.

The construction of the space is made from two main parts:

- A fixed structure at the base built with wooden pallets
- A movable structure made from bathroom curtains hanging from a tree or similar urban element

Project Type: Competition Entry
Location: Mannheim, Germany
Date: January 2014
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