Made specifically for "Paisagem Permanentemente Marejada de Pensamentos", the Urban Landscape Interventions circuit integrated in Maia's Art Biennale, "Where Sirens Come From" is a visual and sound installation that connects the exhibition theme with a critical interpretation of the city center territory as a means of inspiration for the creation of the site-specific piece.
Placed in dialogue with the existing watercourse at Maia's Central Park the installation aims to virtually transport passersby/listeners to other places by putting them in contact with sounds from other physical and imagined realities.
With several listening points distributed along the artificial water stream, the listener is able to access different sound environments on each of them. As in classical mythology, this "songs of the Sirens" will try to attract visitors/passersby through the use of unusual and displaced shapes, appealing colours and suggestive sounds, inducing them to carry out an imaginary journey.

Project Type: Installation
Location: Maia, Portugal
Date: 27 of June to 30 of August 2015
Collaboration: Rossana Ribeiro
Partner: Cavaco & Coquet, Lda

Thanks to:
Miguel Coquet, the curator José Maia and, from the organization team, Pedro Ruiz, Maria João Ruiz, Sara Castelo Branco, Sr. Vasco, Sr. Rolando, Sr. Fernando, Sr. Augusto
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